Epson Surecolor SC-F500 (240V), C11CJ17301B0

(Code: EPN010)
Epson Sure Colour SC-F500 Dye sublimation compact printer

Epson has announced the new SC-F500, 24-inch, dye-sublimation printer, developed to help promotional houses, photo labs, clothing producers and copy shops increase customer choice through flexible, high-quality printing.
Whether producing printed phone covers, mugs, mouse mats, t-shirts or cushions, the SC-F500 offers fast turnaround times, reliability and a low total cost of ownership (TCO) to small businesses, and it requires no specialist knowledge to set up, operate or maintain.

Simple refilling, even while printing

Epson refillable ink solution (140ml bottles) makes refilling an easy, non-specialist operation.These innovative ink bottles can even be used to replenish the ink while printing, which significantly reduces downtime.

The simplicity you need

Epson’s technologies are simple to use and highly intuitive.
The 4.3-inch touchscreen provides easy access to necessary information and can even be operated 
while wearing gloves. The SC-F500 also features Wi-Fi connectivity and automatic media changeover functionality, which make printer usage and maintenance a non-specialist activity.



Key Features

  • Refillable ink solution (140ml bottles can be used even when printing)
  • Wi-Fi connectivity (an Epson first in the dye sublimation range)
  • Media auto-switch (switch between cut sheets and roll media with ease)
  • Epson’s LFP Accounting Tool (to accurately calculate print costs)
  • Head guard (for dust prevention)
  • 4.3-inch touchscreen (for ease of use)

£ 1,795.00