i-SUB RM-X 95 - 25cm x 120m

i-SUB RM-X 95 - 25cm x 120m

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i-SUB RM-X 95 - 25cm x 120m
Rigid Media Dye Sub Paper for metal, aluminium, ceramic, mugs,  glass & textile

I-SUB RM-X 95 - 25cm x 120m

GSM: 95
WIDTH: 250mm
LENGTH: 120m
CORE: 3"

i-SUB RM-X 95gsm paper is designed specifically for rigid media sublimation printing (metal, ceramic, glass, plastic etc)
& also for general purpose dye sub for polyester & polyester blend textiles

It has been developed to prevent common problems found when printing these product types
(gaseous blemishing, coating marking the product, sticking to the media & other common complaints)