Protection Paper 28gsm - 95cm x 1,000m - 25cm diam

Protection Paper 28gsm - 95cm x 1,000m - 25cm diam

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Protection Paper 20gsm - 115cm - 20cm diam
i-SUB Protection Paper is the most economical & best way to protect your heat press or calendar/ rotary

Protects against ink transfer contamination onto the felt, fabric scorching, & increases the lifespan of your felt!

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Protection paper (also known as barrier, tissue or kraft paper) is used on heat presses.

It is a lightweight, non-porous paper, and is used to prevents gaseous dyes & other ink exhaust ingredients from causing contamination on your felt and/or blemishes on your textile product.
Regular use increases the quality of your output, reduces wastage, & actually can enhance the life of your felt (due to reducing contamination)